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Alabama Pallet Recyclers

APC Forest Products, Inc.
Bass Lumber Co.
Bay Wood Products, Inc.
Bennett Lumber Company
Buckeye Diamond Logistics
C & L Wood Products, Inc.
Cottondale Wood Products
Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Birmingham, AL
Joseph Lumber Forest Enterprises, Inc.
Kykenkee, Inc.
McVantage Packaging, LLC
Simcoe Wood Products, Inc.
Sims Bark Co., Inc.
Summerford Pallet Company

Arkansas Pallet Recyclers

A & B Pallet Suppliers of Western Arkansas LLC
Best Pallets, Inc.
General Pallets
IFCO Systems of North America – McRae, AR
Nulyne, Inc.
Paltech Group – Paltech Enterprises of Arkansas
ProPak Logistics, LLC
ProPak Logistics, LLC
Rogers Pallet Company
Smith Pallet Company, Inc.
W.L.S. Sawmill, Inc.

Arizona Pallet Recyclers

A.P.C. Pallets
AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Phoenix, AZ
Moran and Sons’ Lumber Company
Pallet & Lumber Supply, LLC
Proeser de Mexico, SA de CV
Southwest Forest Products, Inc.

California Pallet Recyclers

American Pallet Inc.
Amex Manufacturing Inc
Century Pallets
Commercial Lumber & Pallet
Correa Pallets Inc.
Cutter Lumber Products, Inc.
e-Pallet, Inc.
Ece-Pak Inc.
Eng Brothers Wood & Metal Products
G.O. Pallets, Inc.
H & S Forest Products, Inc.
Hunter Woodworks, Inc.
IFCO Systems – Antioch, CA
IFCO Systems – Wasco, CA
IFCO Systems of North America – Oakley, CA
IFCO Systems of North America – Riverside, CA
Inca Pallets Supply, Inc.
Logistics Management, Inc.
Oakland Pallet Co., Inc.
Oxnard Pallet Company
Pallet Masters, Inc.
Rehrig Pacific Company
Robert’s Lumber Sales, Inc.
TKV Containers, Inc
United Pallet Services, Inc.
United Wholesale Lumber Co.
Universal Forest Products
Westside Pallet, Inc.
Valley Pallet Incorporated

Colorado Pallet Recyclers

Colorado Industrial Wood Products, Inc.
Denver Reel & Pallet Company
IFCO Systems – Commerce City
IFCO Systems of North America – Denver, CO
L & R Pallet Service, Inc.
Pro Pallet, Inc.
Universal Forest Products

Connecticut Pallet Recyclers

Industrial Pallet, LLC
Scotland Hardwoods, LLC

Delaware Pallet Recyclers

RCD Timber Products, Inc.

Florida Pallet Recyclers

Aljoma Lumber
All State Pallets
Conner Industries, Inc.
D & S Pallets Inc
First Coast Pallet, Inc.
Forestal Rio Blanco S.A.
IFCO Systems – Bartow
IFCO Systems of North America – Jacksonville, FL
Opa Locka Pallets, Inc.
Pallet Consultants Enterprises
Pallet Industries Inc.
Pallet Recycle of AL, FL Division, Inc.
PalletOne, Inc.
Phoenix Wood Products, Inc.
Premier Pallets, Inc.
SB Pallets
Southern Milling & Lumber, Inc.
Tampa Pallet Company
Valiente Fernandez, S.A.
Worldwide Pallet, LLC

Georgia Pallet Recyclers

Advanced Handling Systems, Inc
Atlanta Pallets & Services
Atlantic Pallet Exchange
Battle Lumber Company, Inc.
Bell Creek Wood Products, Inc.
Better Pallets, Inc.
Bo’s Pallets, Inc
CHEP International
Conner Industries, Inc.
Elberta Crate & Box Co.
GCSP, Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Atlanta, GA
Lamb Brothers Lumber Company
Mason Pallet Co.
Pallet Central Enterprises, Inc.
Pallet Express, Inc.
PalletOne, Inc.
Rehrig Pacific Company
The Nelson Company
The Timbermen, Inc.
Timber Industries, Inc.(Branch)
Woodford Logistics LLC

Iowa Pallet Recyclers

Paltech Group – Paltech Enterprises, Inc.
SMI Company
Tasler, Inc.
Tritz Pallet Inc.
WestWind Logistics, LLC
Woodroffe Sawmill, Inc.

Idaho Pallet Recyclers

Atlas Products LLC
Challenger Pallet & Supply, Inc.
Unipal International

Illinois Pallet Recyclers

AA Pallet Inc.
Advance Pallet, Inc.
Amex Pallets, Inc.
CALco Pallets
Calumet Pallet Co., Inc.
Cardinal Pallet Co.
Champion Wood Products, Inc.
Chicago Pallet Services, Inc.
e-Pallet, Inc.
Garnett Wood Products
Harvey Pallets, Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Chicago, IL
Interstate Pallet Company
Midland Wood Products, Inc
Miller Dowel Company
Momence Pallet Corporation
Northwest Pallet Supply
Northwest Wood Products
Okaw Packaging
Ox Box
Pallet Management
PalletMaxx, Inc.
Paltech Group – Paltech Enterprises of Illinois
Planned Packaging of Illinois
RCD Timber Products, Inc.
Rehrig Pacific Company
Rose Pallet
Service Pallet, LLC
Soderstrom Pallets, Inc.
U.S. Pallet Supply, Inc.

Indiana Pallet Recyclers

Dodd Saw Mills, Inc.
e-Pallet, Inc.
Ford Sawmills, Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Indianapolis, IN
Indiana Wood Products, Inc.
Industrial Woodkraft, Inc.
J & B Pallet Company
J & J Pallet Corp.
Kelly Trucking, Inc.
Lovett Pallet Recycling, LLC
Miller’s Wood Specialties, Inc.
PalletOne, Inc.
Paltech Group – Hammond, IN
R & E Pallets, Inc.
Recycled New Pallets
Superior Packaging Products, Inc.
Tasler, Inc.
Vision IV, Inc.
X-L Box Corporation

Kansas Pallet Recyclers

Ace Pallet Service, Inc.
Burgess Mfg. Inc.
Industrial Crating, Inc.
R & R Pallet Service of Garden City, Inc.
Rehrig Pacific Company
T & E Company, Inc.
The Nelson Company

Kentucky Pallet Recyclers

A-One Pallet Distributing, Inc.
Anderson Forest Products, Inc.
Best Made Pallets,LLC
Chavira Packaging Products, Inc.
CSS Distribution Group, Inc.
Diamond Forest Resources
Graham Pallet Company, Inc.
Industrial Drying and Sterilization
Southeast Pallets Recycling Co. Inc.
Southland Manufacturing Co., Inc.
The Nelson Company of Kentucky
The Pallet Factory, Inc.

Louisiana Pallet Recyclers

Curtis Naquin Lumber Sales
IFCO Systems of North America – Hammond, LA
Nelson and Sons, Inc.
PalletOne, Inc.
Southern Packaging Inc.
Specialty Industrial Suppliers
W. B. Nelson Lumber Co., Inc.

Massachusetts Pallet Recyclers

B & D Pallet Company
Bay State Pallet Co., Inc.
IFCO Systems – Westborough, MA
Industrial Pallet, LLC
Kelley Wood Products, Inc.
New England Pallets & Skids
Ruma’s Pallet World of New England
Springfield Lumber Co., Inc.
Berry Industrial Group, Inc.
Coddington Lumber Company, Inc
Frank’s Pallet Service
Louis Grasmick Lumber Company
Miller Wood Products, Inc.
The Nelson Company
Timber Industries, LLC

Maine Pallet Recyclers

Gerrity Industries
PalletOne, Inc.

Michigan Pallet Recyclers

Acme Pallet, Inc.
Action Pallets, Inc.
Breiten Lumber
C & K Box Co., Inc.
D.T. Fowler Mfg. Co., Inc.
Fontana Forest Products
Grand Traverse Pallet
Grigg Box Company
IFCO Systems – Detroit, MI
Industrial Packaging Corp.
Kamps, Inc
Lakeland Pallets
Michigan Pallet, Inc.
Pallet Direct, Inc.
Royal Pallets Inc.
The Nelson Company
Universal Forest Products

Minnesota Pallet Recyclers

Bergstrom Wood Products, Inc.
Berry Pallets, Inc.
Gruber Pallets, Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Minneapolis, MN
Mid-Central Pallet & Supply
Pali Pallets, LLC dba J & B Pallets
Pallet Minnesota
Pallet Resource Corp.
Pallet Service Corporation
Palleton Pallets LLC
Savanna Pallets, Inc.
Southwest Pallets, Inc.
Twin City Pallet
Viking Pallet Corporation
Villaume Industries, Inc.

Missouri Pallet Recyclers

Acorn Products, Inc.
Baker Enterprises
Botkin Lumber Company, Inc.
Garnett Wood Products (Branch)
Garnett Wood Products Co., Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Kansas City, MO
IFCO Systems of North America – St. Louis, MO
Innovative Enterprises, Inc.
Lock Warehouse, Inc.
Madison County Wood Products
Mertens Associates, Inc.
Pallet Logistics Management Inc.
Pallet Lumber, LLC
Pallet Management Co., LLC
Professional Packaging, Inc.
Reardon Pallet Company
Timberland Forest Products, Inc
Willow Fork Pallet, Inc.

Mississippi Pallet Recyclers

Conner Industries, Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Horn Lake, MS
IFCO Systems of North America – Jackson, MS

Montana Pallet Recyclers

Diversified Transfer & Storage Inc.
Herman Henry Pallet Yard

North Carolina Pallet Recyclers

Carolina Base-Pac Company
Carolina Crate and Pallet, Inc.
Custom Pallet & Crating, Inc.
Direct Wood Products, Inc.
Diversified Wood Products, Inc.
East Industries, Inc.
Ed’s Pallet World Inc.
Edwards Wood Products, Inc.
First Alliance Logistics Management
Glenn Lumber Company, Inc.
Granville Pallet Company Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Charlotte, NC
McLaurin Company, Inc.
Mountain Lumber & Pallet Company, Inc.
Neal’s Pallet Company, Inc.
Pallet Express, Inc.
Pallet Resource of NC, Inc.
PalletOne, Inc.
Parsons’ Woodworking Inc.
Precision Pallet LLC
PRO Pallet South
The Pallet Alliance, Inc.
Tree Brand Packaging
Universal Forest Products
WNC Pallet & Forest Products Co.

Nebraska Pallet Recyclers

Anderson Forest Products, Inc.
Arbor Industries, Inc.
Meyer, Inc.
Trade Well Pallet, Inc.

New Hampshire Pallet Recyclers

HHP, Inc.
Rehrig Pacific Company
Treen Box & Pallet Corporation

New Jersey Pallet Recyclers

Atco Pallet Company, Inc.
Berry Industrial Group, Inc.
Bettaway Pallet Systems
Cutler Brothers Box & Lumber Co.
Delisa Pallet Corporation
Extreme Pallet, Inc.
Fairfield Pallet Co. Inc.
General Pallet LLC
Gorgo Pallet Company
IFCO Systems of North America – Burlington, NJ
Rafael Pallets LLC
S & B Pallet Co., Inc.

Nevada Pallet Recyclers

HW Empire LLC dba Custom Design Pallets
Pallet Broker LLC
Sierra Pallet

New York Pallet Recyclers

Acme Pallet Company, Inc.
APM Shipping Services LLC
Berry Industrial Group, Inc.
Caflisch Pallet and Wood Services
D & F Pallet, Inc.
Dimensional Mills, Inc.
IFCO Systems – Albany, NY
IFCO Systems of North America – Guilderland Center, NY
McIntosh Box & Pallet Co. Inc.
McNeilly Wood Products, Inc.
Niagara Wholesale Supply Co., Inc.
Ongweoweh Corporation
Pallet Exchange Inc.
Pallet Services, Inc.
Pallets Incorporated
Pallets Unlimited, Inc.
Pallets-R-Us Inc.
PECO Pallet, Inc.
Peter C. Herman, Inc.
Philpac Corp.
Power Pallet Inc.
Superior Pallets, Inc.
Temple-Inland/International Paper
Timber Industries, Inc. (Branch)

Ohio Pallet Recyclers

Allen County Pallet Company
Buckeye Diamond Logistics, Inc.
Coblentz Brothers, Inc.
Columbus Pallet Recycling
Compliance Packaging International, Ltd.
e-Pallet, Inc.
Fox Hollow Pallet LLC
G & M Pallet Company, Inc.
H & S Forest Products Inc.
Hinchcliff Products Company
IFCO Systems – Smithville, OH
IFCO Systems of North America – Cinncinnati, OH
IFCO Systems of North America – Columbus, OH
IFCO Systems of North America – Rittman, OH
Inland Wood Products Company
Iron City Wood Products, Inc
Irvine Wood Recovery
JNV Construction, Inc.
Lima Pallet Company
Limpach Inc. dba Johnson Industries
Litco International, Inc.
Lumber Resource Solutions, LLC
Martin Pallet Inc.
McKinney Lumber, Inc. (Branch)
McKinney Lumber, Inc. (Branch)
Mid-Ohio Wood Products, Inc.
Middlefield Pallet
Millwood Incorporated
Morgan Wood Products
Mt. Eaton Pallet, Ltd.
Mt. Lookout Pallet
National Industrial Lumber Company
Northeastern Refrigeration/Mechanical Corp.
Oakmoor Pallet
Olympic Forest Products Co.
Penn Pallet Inc.
Prime Woodcraft, Inc.
RC Family Wood Products, LLC
Rehrig Penn Logistics
Riverview Industrial Wood Products, Inc.
Sawmiller LLC
Scenic Wood Products
Schaefer Box & Pallet Co.
Southwood Lumber & Pallet, Inc.
Treen Box & Pallet Corporation
Troymill Wood Products
United Wood Products
Wappoo Wood Products, Inc.
Winesburg Pallet
Zanesville Pallet, Inc.

Oklahoma Pallet Recyclers

Burgess Manufacturing of Oklahoma, Inc.
Conner Industries, Inc.
Cottondale Wood Products
Cottondale Wood Products
IFCO Systems – Oklahoma City, OK
Pallet Logistics of America

Oregon Pallet Recyclers

Blue Chip Manufacturing Corp.
IFCO Systems of North America – Portland, OR
Oregon Pallet
Oregon Pallet Repair
Shadybrook Lumber Products, Inc.
Taylormade Products, Inc.
United Pacific Forest Products

Pennsylvania Pallet Recyclers

A & L Wood, Inc.
Allegheny Recycled Products
Bedford Pallets
Berry Industrial Group, Inc.
C & S Wood Products Co., Inc.
Clinch-Tite Corporation
e-Pallet, Inc.
Erie Wood Products, LLC
Esten Lumber Products, Inc.
Gray’s Pallets
Hardy-Graham, Inc.
House Wood Products Company
IFCO Systems of North America – Biglerville, PA
J & B Pallet Inc
J.B. Mill & Fabricating Inc.
J.F. Rohrbaugh
John Rock, Inc.
Limpach Inc. dba Johnson Industries
Locust Run Pallet
Mac Pallet Inc.
Midland Wood Products
Mt. Airy Lumber Company
Nazareth Pallet Company
O’Malley Wood Products, Inc. (Branch)
Oakmoor Pallet
Palcon, L.L.C.
Pallet Express, Inc.
Perry Pallet, Inc.
Precision Pallets & Lumber
R & R Wood Products, Inc.
Rapp Bros. Pallet Service, Inc.
Rehrig Pacific Company
Remmey – The Pallet Company
Shade Lumber Company
Shank Pallet & Recyclers, Inc.
Strasburg Pallet Company
The Nelson Company
Treen Box & Pallet Corporation
Walker Wood, Inc.
Weaver Brothers Pallets
Zook’s Pallets
Paleteras Unidas, Inc.

Rhode Island Pallet Recyclers

Atlas Pallet Corporation
Drew Pallet Co., Inc.
PM Recycling, Inc.

South Carolina Pallet Recycling

Carolina Custom, Inc.
Conner Industries, Inc.
Custom Forest Products, Inc.
Green Sustainable Solutions, LLC
IFCO Systems of North America – Gray Court, SC
IFCO Systems of North America – Walterboro, SC
IPS Packaging
Marshane Corporation

Tennessee Pallet Recyclers

Best Pallet, Inc.
Cole Pallet Co. LLC
Conner Industries, Inc.
Dakota Packaging Solutions, LLC
Fabrication Specialties Corp.
Freeman Wood Products, Inc.
H & S Forest Products, Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Knoxville, TN
IFCO Systems of North America – Martin, TN
IFCO Systems of North America – Memphis, TN
IFCO Systems of North America – Nashville, TN
Industrial Wood, LLC
Industrial Woodkraft, Inc.
IronHorse, LLC
M & M Woodworking, Inc.
McVantage Packaging, LLC (Branch)
Monterey Pallets Plus
Pallet Resource, LLC
Pallets Plus, Inc.
Planned Packaging of Tennessee
Preferred Pallets Inc.
Quint-C Pallet Company
Recycle Solutions
Supply Chain Solutions LLC – PDS©
The Pallet Factory, Inc.
Universal Forest Products
Woodway, Inc.

Texas Pallet Recyclers

A-1 Lumber & Pallet
AAA Pallet Co.
Apache Products, Inc.
Arrington Lumber & Pallet Co., Inc.
Bigs Packaging and Lumber, LLC
Border Pallets, Inc.
Conner Industries, Inc.
Custom Crates and Pallets, Ltd.
Flores Pallets
Gamez Pallet Inc.
General Packaging Corp.
Groves Pallet Company
Hernandez Pallets
IFCO Systems – Dallas, North, TX
IFCO Systems – Dallas, West, TX
IFCO Systems – East Houston, TX
IFCO Systems – Hutto
IFCO Systems – West Houston, TX
IFCO Systems of North America – Amarillo, TX
IFCO Systems of North America – Austin, TX
IFCO Systems of North America – Dallas, East, TX
IFCO Systems of North America – Lubbock, TX
IFCO Systems of North America – McAllen, TX
IFCO Systems of North America – San Antonio, TX
IFCO Systems, N.A. Inc – Corporate Headquarters
M & H Crates
Metro Plex Wood
Neopal, LLC
Pal-Serv, LLC
Pallet And Crating Company Inc.
Pallet Logistics of America
Pallet OPS, LLC
Pallet Repair Services, Inc.
PalletOne, Inc.
Pallets and Crates International dba PCI
Pasadena Skid & Pallet, Inc.
Red Express Pallet
Rehrig Pacific Company
reLogistics Services, LLC
Tarimas Y Maderas De Mexico (Tarimex)
Taylormade Pallets & Logistics, LLC
The Leiber Company
USA Pallet & Logistics, Inc.
Wooden Pallets, Ltd.

Utah Pallet Recyclers

Challenger Pallet & Supply, Inc.
IFCO Systems – Tooele, UT
Wasatch Pallet, Inc.

Virginia Pallet Recyclers

American Pallet, Inc.
Atlas Pallets/A Division of Williamsburg Millwork Corp.
Brunswick Box Company, Inc.
Conner Industries, Inc.
Conner Industries, Inc.(Plant)
Direct Wood Products
Dominion Pallet Company, Inc.
Green Sustainable Solutions, LLC
Hallwood Enterprises, Inc.
IFCO Systems of North America – Richmond, VA
Independence Lumber, Inc.
Murdock Acquisition, LLC dba B C Wood Products
P.T. O’Malley Lumber Company, Inc.
Pallet Asset Recovery System, LLC
Pallet Recycling, LLC
Porter’s Wood Products, Inc.
Sandy Pallet & Box Co., Inc.
Sonoco Products
Swift Creek Forest Products Co.
Timber Industries, Inc.
Virginia Pallets & Wood LLC

Washington Pallet Recyclers

Basin Pallet, Inc.
Girard Pallet Management LLC
Girard Wood Products, Inc.
Nepa Pallet and Container Co., Inc.
Pallet Services, Inc.
Pallet Services, Inc.
Rainier Pallet and Crating Corp.
Spinner Wood Products, LLC

Wisconsin Pallet Recyclers

A & J Environmental Pallet
Air-Flow Trailer Systems, LLC
Alliance Forest Products, LLC
Avid Pallet Services LLC
Badger Custom Pallet
Caledonia Crating and Palleting
Fox Valley Wood Products, Inc.
Goeman’s Wood Products, Inc.
Green Bay Pallet, Inc.
Hay Creek Pallet Co., Inc.
IFCO Systems – Milwaukee
James Bruener Timber Products, Inc.
Konz Wood Products
Little River Wood Products, Inc.
Lumber Sales & Products, Inc
MBX Packaging Specialists
Ongna Wood Products, Inc.
Pallet Service Corporation
PalletOne, Inc.
Rehrig Pacific Logistics
S.C.P., Inc. Skids, Crates & Pallets
Timber Creek Resource, LLC
Walters Brothers Lumber Mfg., Inc.

West Virginia Pallet Recyclers

Green Sustainable Solutions, LLC
Hinchcliff Lumber Company
Spring Lick Pallet
Universal Forest Products
Universal Forest Products
West Virginia Forest Products

Wyoming Pallet Recyclers

Davies Machine Corp.