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Our Review Score Formula is based on multiple factors. We rank recyclers based on user reviews, online presence, customer service, pricing, environmental responsibility, and our company audits. All recycling companies are ranked equally. Our Review Score Formula guarantees that rankings will be honest and unbiased. We also take steps to ensure there is no abuse of the scoring system or fake or misleading reviews. We trust in the accuracy and authenticity of our user reviews and are constantly looking for ways to make it better. After we have verified a recycling company their base review score is 3. Scores may go up and down depending on user reviews and our research.



cardboard recycling

Companies and people trust and use as their one stop source for recycling paper and cardboard. is dedicated to helping companies and organizations become green by providing them the highest quality recycling services. helps save the environment by providing expert advice to businesses of any size that need to recycle materials. 

Environmental Certifications

cardboard recycling recognizes that issues such as climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy conservation are concerns shared by every global citizen. works relentlessly to reduce the environmental impact of metal recycling. We also hold longstanding policies of protecting the environment, conserving energy and saving natural resources. Over the years, this policy has helped to divert millions of pounds of materials from our nation's landfills. 

What We Recycle

Cardboard can refer to three separate types, various card stock, corrugated fiberboard, and paper board. Although all these types can be recycled, most often when talking about cardboard, it refers to corrugated fiberboard. Shipping boxes are a great example of corrugated fiberboard. We accept all types of cardboard for recycling in Atlanta. Recycling cardboard in Atlanta can help prevent pollution and reduce depleting raw materials. Please contact us when you need cardboard recycling.

Preparing Cardboard for Recycling- Not all cardboard can be recycled in Atlanta. Cardboard that is wet, contaminated with oils, or contaminated with food may not be accepted for recycling depending on how dirty it is. The reason that wet cardboard cannot be recycled is because it clogs up the sorting machine used by most recyclers. As for the oil and food, obvious reason is the cardboard cannot be resold. Otherwise all types of cardboard is accepted for recycling. And it is best to break down the boxes before recycling and to remove all other materials inside the boxes, such as packing peanuts or plastic wrap.

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