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Our Review Score Formula is based on multiple factors. We rank recyclers based on user reviews, online presence, customer service, pricing, environmental responsibility, and our company audits. All recycling companies are ranked equally. Our Review Score Formula guarantees that rankings will be honest and unbiased. We also take steps to ensure there is no abuse of the scoring system or fake or misleading reviews. We trust in the accuracy and authenticity of our user reviews and are constantly looking for ways to make it better. After we have verified a recycling company their base review score is 3. Scores may go up and down depending on user reviews and our research.



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How to Recycle Used Pallets

Step 1 - Count, sort, and stack pallets by size, type, and condition. Take pictures.

Step 2 - Post your pallets to the Map including details and pictures. Your information is kept confidential.

Step 3 - Receive an email from us with a list of companies that would reuse or recycle your pallets. Choose the company or recycler of your choice.


Buy Pallets

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How to find pallets to buy

Step 1 - Enter details about the type and quantity of pallets you need.

Step 2 - Post your request to the map to receive quotes from pallet suppliers or get quotes from Repalletize's customer service team. Either way your information is kept confidential.

Step 3 - Choose the pallet supplier of your choice. Pallet Programs

Our policy is that no pallets end up in landfills so the best option is pallet recycling. Used wood pallets that are so damaged that they have reached the end of its life, can be salvaged for reuse in other pallets or the wood can be ground up for use as landscape mulch, animal bedding, or wood stove pellets. Most new pallets are built from the leftover lumber that would likely be discarded otherwise. Recycled pallets are used over and over and usually are repaired with recycled lumber.

Buying Pallets – We supply used, new, and re-manufactured pallets as well as heat treated pallets, plastic pallets, wooden reel pallets and crates. Our pallets are 100% reusable, recyclable, and come from a renewable resource.  Our recycled pallets meet or exceed the capability of new pallets at a fraction of the cost. 

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